The Questionable Reinvention Of The Interview

by Stéfanie Rochford, CRHA

The intensified war on talent and rapid technological changes are increasing the demands of the work environment as well as that of recruiters to fill their positions with high-potential candidates within a demanding timeframe.

Despite the evolution of technology, the selection interview remains an important step in the recruitment process.

With the increased interest in knowing more about the candidate’s interpersonal and social profile in order to match the candidate with the company’s culture and the values of the team, there are increasingly dubious and sometimes illegal trends that are emerging.

For example, sessions at the gym or baseball games among potential candidates in the selection process as published in the Fast Company article « Some companies are reinventing the job interview in some weird (and possible illegal) ways ».

The importance of respecting the principles of the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) in an interview should not be overlooked.

This law states that the nature of the interview questions should not refer to religion, race, age, marital status, sexual orientation, family, children, health, place of residence, political or other beliefs that are not directly related to the requirements of the position and professional performance.

Knowing that your future employer has neglected this fundamental right, the decision remains yours to pursue or not in the process and commit yourself with an employer that is already showing its values.

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